Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Khutba by Imam Vernon Fareed

Imam Fareed and his wife will be visiting Australia in August Insha Allah.

Don't miss on his talks, the time table so far is as follows:

8th August 2010 - around 8 PM, UMA centre 69 Croydon St. Lakemba

9th August 2010 - After Isha (6:45 PM) Lakemba Mosque Evening talk

13th August 2010 - 11:20 AM Talk at the Lakemba Mosque before the Khutba

13 August 2010 - 1 PM Khutba - venue to be confirmed

13th August 2010 - Fund-raising Iftar in Bankstown proceeds for the Australian Union of African and Arab Associations, email me for details and ticket purchases.

14th August 2010 - Iftar with Muslims Australia AFIC and the Islamic Women's Welfare Association

Other events to be advised.

Vernon M. Fareed is a member of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities [VCIC]. VCIC is a human relations organization that conducts programs that promote understanding and respect on all issues of diversity for all age groups all across Virginia. Some of the organization’s many programs focuses on, “Creating Inclusive Workplace Culture”, “Exploring Roots of Prejudice” and “Responding to Bullying and Harassment.”

Imam Fareed is also the Resident Imam (Leader) of a Norfolk religious community named “Masjid (Mosque) William Salaam.” In this capacity he expresses his faith through working in the community, i.e. feeding and clothing the homeless, helping to educate everyone from small children to the elderly and supporting the noble causes and efforts of other community groups. His religious knowledge, combined with his dedication and love for humanity has thrust him into several positions representing his faith community regionally, nationally and internationally. He has conducted workshops and given lectures at numerous colleges, universities and houses of worship around the country.

Imam Vernon M. Fareed is a former columnist with the New Journal and Guide newspaper and is currently an active member with several groups in the community. Among these are the: NEXUS DESIGN TEAM, that holds regular interfaith discussions at Virginia Wesleyan College; ACT [Abraham’s Children Together], ITV [Interfaith TV Board], which had been responsible for overseeing some religious TV programming allocated by Cox Communications, the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast Steering Committee [bringing faith & life together] and Healthy Together [Think Tank] for healthy families, communities and schools.

Imam Fareed has also served on the Ministers Advisory Committee to Norfolk’s Police Chief [Bruce Marquis] and is currently a member of the Park Place Civic League and its task force. The task force meets regularly with Norfolk City Council members and other city officials, seeking to address the community’s problem. These problems include but are not limited to: housing and social services for the poor, aesthetic improvement and beautification projects, youth programming and crime fighting.

Imam Fareed was recently appointed to the Norfolk Education Foundation which serves as an effective provider of support to the students and teachers of the Norfolk Public School System. He works to ensure that every student gets the best education possible by supporting programs such as STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] initiatives at Campostella Elementary School. Imam. Fareed also supports the NPS “Student Mentorship Program”, that has over 1,900 mentors serving 36 schools. This Foundation [NEF] raises money to support teachers and students with funds for projects that are not available within their budgets. We’re able to make these provisions available by sponsoring fundraising dinners, pursuing corporate sponsorships, and through other means.

Imam Vernon M. Fareed also serves on the Executive Committee of the largest interfaith organization in the world called “Religions for Peace” RFP-USA. This global organization has offices all over the world and the headquarters in the USA is located in the United Nations building in New York City. Its membership is comprised of almost every religious faith known to man, and their mission is to work for global peace.

Salaam Investment Group, LLC is another responsibility Imam Fareed has, and he serves as its President and Manager. This business organization has real estate holding investments and is seeking growth and expansion. Imam Fareed has been a regular on television and radio programs over the years addressing numerous topics. He is married to Swiyyah and together they have five children and several grandchildren. He is called upon frequently to assist with community problems and is always humbled, and yet eager when asked to serve.
Imam Fareed authored the book: UNIFORMITY IN PRAYER – Revised Edition

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